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German Translations - Cardiff, UK

There are several reasons to use professional translation services - one of the most compelling ones is to avoid the embarrassing German translation errors which have afflicted many companies trying to launch their products in new and untested markets.  Something like this can easily happen when using an online translation engine:

German to English Translation by an online translation engine:

“Time lots classical authors of music history, verhunzt from unmusikalischen Trunkenbolden: From view of the British Karaoke plants are the ärgerlichste invention of the entertainment industry. That resulted in now an inquiry.”…

The “correct” translation is:

“Timeless classic music murdered by deaf drunkards – A recent survey reports that Brits believe Karaoke is just about the most annoying invention ever to come out of the entertainment industry.“
(German text taken from “Spiegel Online”, 9th Jan 09)

Another reason to use our services would be to make yourself understood. Here’s a scenario: in the intertwined Europe of today, you may work with German companies, delivering your goods and buying in their services without any problems in communication. And isn’t it then frustrating when you try to obtain the VAT refund and the German VAT Office replies to your claim – in German?

From our Cardiff office, KayBeeCommunications will communicate with the authorities on your behalf – in German! Whether it is by translating your correspondence or by calling the respective office to clarify any questions and identify any traps for you – we can help!

By choosing KayBeeCommunications for your German translation project you can be assured of idiomatic accuracy, quality, variety and diversity, covering a range of specialist fields, website content, correspondence. Editing and proofreading services are also provided. Want to know more about our translator? Click here. For more information and quotes on translations, editing and proofreading, please contact us.


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